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The man-eater

Here’s an article appearing on the front page of the Times of India today:

Man-eater of Kumaon felled after killing 6

LUCKNOW: A forest warden on Thursday shot to death a man-eater that had created terror in and around Kumaon’s Corbett Reserve, stalking and killing at least six people in the last three months. The animal had killed and eaten his latest victim — a 27-year-old man — earlier in the day.
Forest officials launched an extensive combing operation to trace the nine-year-old man-eater after mutilated remains of the man identified as Puran Chand were found and the 10-feet-long big cat was finally felled around 2.30pm.
Initially, there was confusion whether it was the same man-eater which had stalked victims around the park for three months. But Uttarakhand forest officials confirmed on Thursday evening that the tiger shot by them was indeed the killer of villagers in and around Corbett since November.

That’s the extent of the text that appears on the front page, though the actual article is longer. At the end of the print version, it does say ‘Tigers often stray, P.14’, and this is next to an article about tiger cubs (though it doesn’t say so in the article’s headline).

It’s a shame they specified the man-eater was a tiger after three enticing paragraphs where I hoped upon hope that the mysterious animal was a Bearsquidshark

A journo can dream...*sigh*


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2 thoughts on “The man-eater

  1. Tiziano on said:

    I thought the men eater were cannibals………………or Hannibal Lechter…………sorry to understand they have killed a tiger…………she was only hungry afterall.

  2. Danielle on said:

    I suppose there’s more than one way to entice people to keep reading a news story, like not telling them what it’s about for ages.

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