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The world’s 5th most industrialised Disneyland

One prominent Italian newspaper editor once said to me “Why are we kidding ourselves, ‘5th most industrialised country in the world’ and all that? Why don’t we just all dress up like donald duck and pluto and call ourselves Disneyland? This country is a farce”. I don’t often comment on Italian politics, because it really is a clown circus, but this little gem grabbed my attention.

In the wake of the diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, the spokesperson of Italy’s leading ‘People of Freedom’ party, Daniele Capezzone, said this:

“The irresponsible Assange and various other digital maoists maybe don’t even realise. But their work is a tragic advert in favour of the dictatorships which don’t run information ‘risks’, risks of free debate, of dialogue with public opinion and against western democracies, which instead carry the burden and honour of a liberal and open system” (Original text, in Italian, below the post courtesy of Corriere Della Sera)

Yes, obviously the leak of confidential information is a showcase in favour of authoritarian states. Given that all these cables were about public opinion and conducted in dialogue with the masses through the media before being leaked, I’m in no doubt the US and other democracies will revert to a tyrannical system of rule. Good job Capezzone.

“L’irresponsabile Assange e svariati altri maoisti digitali – commenta il portavoce del Pdl, Daniele Capezzone – forse neppure se ne rendono conto. Ma la loro opera è un tragico spot a favore delle dittature che non corrono i ’rischi’ dell’informazione, del libero dibattito, del confronto con l’opinione pubblica e contro le democrazie occidentali, che invece si fanno carico di questi necessari onori e oneri di un sistema liberale e aperto.” Full Article


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