A Bridge

The metro gender war

I think I’ve mentioned before that metro trains in Delhi have the foremost carriage reserved for women only. At times there are armed guards protecting both the outside doors of this carriage and the link to the carriage behind it.

Yesterday the local media had a field day after male passengers had been “thrashed and made to do sit-ups on the platform” after they had boarded the women’s carriage.  Soon after, footage was released of the incident…


Initially, having only read the headline, I was very pleased. For some reason (which was partly explained to me the other night, but that’s for another post), the normally gentle and reserved nature of my hosts turns into ‘TOTAL ASSHOLE” when in the confines of the metro. Seeing the footage though, it seems the men entered the women’s carriage as overspill, when the pile up of people in the others became too great. Between being crushed and being slapped across the head by furious women, I’m not sure which I’d choose. I’m sure some of them probably benefited from the sit-ups though….


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