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A quick guide to auto-rickshaws in Delhi

– HAGGLE, like it’s your last 10 rupees you’re holding in that fat sweaty hand of yours.

– Unless you know the general price, ask for the metre. This will flag you as a tourist (as if everyone in India didn’t already know) but it tends to be fairer.

– If the price starts at 19 rupees, this is the new fare scheme and the metre is correct. If it starts at 10 rupees, they will generally produce a sheet at the end of your ride, point to the distance recorded on the metre and cross-reference the actual price.

– However, one of the sides of the sheet quotes the higher night-time prices. Often, they will show you the wrong side.

-The closer you are to Connaught Place, the more drivers will try to rip you off (I’ve had x4 the right price quoted to me).

-If they leave the metre on, it’s just to mock you.

– HAGGLE. Only multiples of 10 are accepted most of the time.

– Some will try to add the starting fare on top of your final price as well

–  There’s thousands of these angry three-wheeled bees buzzing around, if the guy doesn’t budge, move along. That might make him budge.

– They will not take the most direct route. Give up.


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One thought on “A quick guide to auto-rickshaws in Delhi

  1. Tiziano on said:

    And if you have’nt used the taxi anyway and you walk, they will try to ask you money anyway………..(i.e previous story)

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