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Sweets for Change

I wasn’t shortchanged, as such, but I was ‘alternatively paid’, right in the middle of Delhi’s busiest Metro Station, in broad daylight (technically not, but it was about 1pm).

When the till lady handed me the change, it should have been 5 rupees, but I got four back, two coins of two. Granted it’s not much, but I ventured asking anyway.

“This is four rupees?”

“I do not have 1 rupee, so I gave you sweet”

Bundled in the receipt, true enough, was a mint.

“Oh. Ok”

Sweets as money? Well why not. It’s probably not the strangest thing I’ll encounter here, and it makes a hell of a lot of sense. No more spare change jangling loose in your pocket. Is that shampoo 4.99? Pay with a fiver and get a tasty treat to go! Also, you could get rid of all your loose change on halloween.

Mint was mint, too.

P.S. This was the cashier’s face when she said she gave me a mint:


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One thought on “Sweets for Change

  1. Tiziano on said:

    Not a bad idea , barter is at the base of economy, once when I was much younger I went in a hardware shop to buy some nails and some plaster and probably some other material and the shop keeper ( a nice old lady in Tavagnacco) did not have any change, so she gave me back a small hammer ( one of those you use for small nails for hanging frames and pictures) and still that hammer is around in my mothers house 45 years on!!!!

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