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A comparison

Premise: I am not idolising the English media – it is plenty flawed too. But the Italian media… well, it’s in a class of it’s own. This particular coverage struck me.

The news: Felipe Massa fractures his skull at the qualifiers of the Hungarian GP when a suspension spring bores through his visor and into his face.

I’ll check print newspapers tomorrow morning, but here are the front pages of some websites.

GuardianPicture 2

Times Picture 3

Planet F1Picture 4

BBC (one of four pictures, all fairly similar)Picture 5

Gazzetta.itPicture 1

Tasteful, no?

Edit: The guardian carried the picture of Massa’s face the next day in its Sport section, at page 5, and the whole original picture, which includes a great deal more, not zooming in on his face.


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One thought on “A comparison

  1. titianus on said:

    Ferrari is the darling of all sportmen in Italy ,Massa is a ferrari driver……. second I do not find any disgrace in showing the result of the incident…….at the end of the day is not dead.
    If information is what we want the other pictures in the brit newspaper could have been taken from any racing incident.

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