A Bridge

“It was my first kegging party Bobby!”

Bonus points if you guess where the quote is from. The  movie is on tv right now. RIGHT.NOW.

So, went to Zavidovici, Zenica, and back to Sarajevo. 5 interviews later, the impression that people say one thing and think another is even stronger. But, my head is exploding, so for now, no harrowing stories.

The 80s are my nightmare

And I slept in them last night. The old hotel I stayed in in Zenica was basically built in Technicolour. WEIRDEST. DREAMS. EVER.

 Had a shower in the morning, but for the first minute the water ran red.

There was a splatter on the wall next to the window. I’ll go with “light brown” to describe it. To be fair to the hotel, the elevator was quite fast, and the receptionist covers two floors faster on foot. Or there may have been two of them. I don’t know, its all a bit blurry.

Congratulations to all the people in York who graduated.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Doctors….

“Can we be Christian dad? Just for a day?”

Apparently, a common thing said by Muslim children to their parents on Christmas day, when they see the lights, decorations, fake snow etc. I’ve had two fathers tell me the same thing, and a third person confirm that its quite common.

Apparently, its a common thing now for Muslim families with young children to have Christmas trees in their homes. But they call them “New year’s trees” …

To Mostar tomorrow. Should be the most interesting city of all.

The quote was from Scary Movie. Ungh.


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