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Premise: Z and Y are switched in the keyboards here. This maz show in some of my writing.


Some harrowing stories have come out from my round of interviews in and around Sarajevo. Some saz ethnicity and religion is not a big deal to them, they are peopel and that is all that matters.

Others have prejudices, but are willing to talk. But one family I interviewed has been completely ostracized bz its neighbourhood.

There is no Komsiluk.

That is, the idea of all being able to sit around a table, drinking coffee and talking regardless of nationality or religion. Some say its because of the shift from socialism to capitalism (ish).

But one family living in the outskirts of Sarajevo said it was entirely down to religion. They fled their home during the war, the father headed into Sarajevo proper while the family sought refuge in Germany.  

By 96, their neighbourhood was for the majority Muslim. The people who occupied their house, being legally forced to leave, tore it to bits and left “15 kilos of human excrement” in the kitchen, according to them.

Now, when the father walks down the street and says “Dobardan” (good day), he says the reply is “We do not say that here. If you want to speak Serb, go away to Vukovar.”

The family has asked me to blur their faces and not give their names when I upload their interview, for their own safety.

“I do not accept the term ethnically cleansed”.

Within Sarajevo, I interviewed a Muslim, a Croat and a Serb who work together in a charity. They all said there are problems, but they themselves hold no prejudice towards any nationality or religion. They simply see people, and take them for that alone.

It’s an odd balance being struck here, if its a balance at all, and I cannot find a theme for my website, given the wide difference in opinion.

On a lighter note: The kid next to me is playing World of Warcraft.

Today, a lunch lady (I wrote that laidi the first time round) recognised I was Italian.  I asked a friend of mine how she did it: “Well, you have dark hair. And you are small. You’re Italian.”

It’s a sort of tradition that pretentious travellers come up with some bullshit philosophy on life as they contemplate their own meaningless existence during their trip. So here’s mine: When the cannonball of life meets the elephant of time, shit’s gonna go down.


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  1. Ian Maskery MPhys on said:

    Nice blogging.

    When are you getting your short, dark haired ass back to sunny Gran Bretagna?

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