A Bridge

Back from the Beeb.

Have been quiet for a while, but mostly cos I’ve been keeping busy. Will come back with plenty more soon, and a few projects to talk about.

I normally don’t like to talk about what I’ve been doing (“Dear Diary, nobody apart from you understands me”), but I have just spent two days working in the BBC, and I think that may warrant a post or two. I will write more later, but here is a summary.

In 16 hours at the BBC I:

– Got a glimpse of how huge and shambolic it is

–  Found out too much about tickers and “straps”. These are tv terms.

– Had an argument with a “Head of something” about the worth of twitter. He called my opinion “cock”. “Total cock”, infact.

– Had the second-worst coffee of my life (the first one was also BBC-related)

– Took the piss out of the BBC in front of my boss and aforementioned head of something.

– Had the chance/temptation to completely end my career in any sort of media with a huge, massive bang. You know I didn’t take it because if I had, trust me, you would have heard about it.

– Got lost.


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2 thoughts on “Back from the Beeb.

  1. Bloggity Blog Blog, you Blogger!!

  2. Kirsten on said:

    Blog more. More more more. Have the Military captured you?

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