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The Domestic Future

“The Future”. And yes, to be fair this video does show the combination of a number of technologies which could (and probably will) change our lives.

They’ll have to come up with something looking snazzier, but the potential of having data quite literally in front of you is too big to ignore.

However, as usual, demos show fancy, complicated stuff like checking a map of Long Beach to see where you are, scanning book bar codes and instantly labelling someone a student for having what facial-recognition software recognises as “gormless” features.

But let’s take this back to the 50’s. Yeah. Where infomercials of future homes (we’ll all be living in them by 1990!) were cosy, black and white and sexist.

Let’s see how technology can make you become better at cleaning your house, roasting your dinner and making sure you please your civil partner (no weddings by 2020, the church will be considered obsolete after the singularity) when he/she/it comes back home from Second Life.

Let’s see what domestic applications this gizmo has.

1 –  Something I simply cannot do is cut off the right amount of tin foil or cling film for whatever it is I’m wrapping or covering. Its always just an inch short or about a foot too much. With an easy geometry application, the right length of material would be calculated and projected onto the material itself.Think of the savings! This will not teach you how to cleanly rip cling film though.

2 – Hot drinks: How many times do I stir? Is that enough milk? Should I squeeze the teabag? Living with a tea-fascist for 3 years has made me paranoid about this, but with the aforemention gizmo reading my hand movements, I will never make a cup too milky again.

3 – Did I splay those potatoes on the oven tray right? Are they equally spaced? Things cook faster at the back than they do at the front – should my parsnip wedges get thicker as they get further back into the oven? Thankyou, gizmo! It would be a sort of a game too – it projects the potato shapes onto the tray, and I have to match them with the real potatoes.

4 – Is that picture up straight? Projected spirit level!

5 – Ok, so I’m defusing a bomb in my living room. Blue or red wire first?

Anyone else got any ideas?

Basically, given enough advancements and refinement, this little piece of hardware could actually eleminate a majority of mistakes and faux-pas in life. Isn’t this a little bit boring?

Also, how long before, instead of projecting data in front of you, they project it directly onto your retina, overlaying the real world with a Heads Up Display?


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2 thoughts on “The Domestic Future

  1. me being mid essay mad this thought occur… youre reading a book and you pass your fingers on a ord highliting it and it gets saved to a word file as a quotation.. use another finger and a dictionary reading for it comes up better still it shines a light on every word which has a wikipedia article for it and thats your studying finished

  2. Stone on said:

    This device certainly has some amazing potential; you could stand behind someone in a public place and project something offensive onto his back.

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