A Bridge

Stepping down from the sniping tower

So today I had half an idea to blog,  but the I missed the piece,  so the comment I had in mind can’t be linked.

However, here is a quick burst of thought.

Anonymity + stage = idiocy is a common formula for the internet. It’s too easy to snipe left right and centre, to be a gratuitous dick without expecting consequences, without ever having to actually argue with people face to face.

Time to put my money where my mouth is. Why hide behind a screen of anonymity? I’m always on the move anyway, and I can disappear if I want to.

I know no-one gives a fuck, but here goes, I’m going to practice what I preach and post my address


Harrow Halls of Residence

Watford Road


Ha1 3YU, London.

Consequences? Who knows. But at least my conscience is clean. Next time – a little more timeliness hopefully.


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