A Bridge

Back from Anesthesia

A quick-fire update on two interesting things from the interwebs.

1. Kosmix

A new search engine that uses algorithms different to google, instead of going merely on links and relevance, it apparently tries to draw a “map” of all the ideas and different media related to the search word. Here’s the Guardian’s description of it.

2. DDos Attacks on Wikipedia?

Has anyone been following the “Virgin Killer” debate between Wikipedia and the Internet Watch Foundation? If not, here is a nice little summary.

The thing I find interesting is that (and this is completely unverifiable) Anonymous posters on forum-site 4chan.org have been suggesting attempting a DDoS attack on Wikipedia sometime soon. This isn’t the only attack, another one is apparently being scheduled (or attempted, at least) on the 14th of December against Anonymoustalk.com. Should be interesting, stay tuned.

Over and out.


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