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A quick comment

It’s been a while since my failed linking experiment, and really, I should be posting in this thing everyday if I’m to achieve the kind of audience I want for when I have something of actual weight to say, like when I’ll find the Holy Grail or unearth the truth about the reasons for the war in Iraq.

However, I will be effectively comatose for most of tomorrow, and time is tight tonight, so here’s a quick round up of stories that struck me today.

Educational reforms proposed for the UK

I was a bit sceptical at first, and I haven’t read the report, but it seems like someone actually had a good idea for once.

I’m all for knowing about history and geography and general culture, granted, but I think it’s much more important at a young age to teach SKILLS. Verbal, social, numerical, IT etc.

Personally, I think these skills set the base for the rest of learning. Which people may or may not want to pursue, but at least they have a skillbase which will help them in most walks of life.

Knowing how to vocalise your ideas, type them and do divisions will take you much further than knowing where Pristina is or what happened at the Battle of Hastings. There is also a cultural debate to be had on that, but I might comment on that later.

500-year-old law forces residents to pay for church repairs

Besides the fact that I would love to see the residents who were forced to pay 200 GRAND to repair their local church take this to court and see what a judge thinks, this is ridiculous.

I’ve seen a number of people cock their chin up, look down their nose at me and say that the English legal system is “pretty watertight”.  And even more so sneer at EU laws.

This, however, has given me something to fire back. at them. Criticise the EU all you want, and I’ll agree,  but its a bit rich coming from a country with a draconian law from the middle ages.

More later, hopefully. Incidentally, this little newsgathering applet is pretty awesome. DDG tells me its about 4 years old, but I report when I see things, dammit!


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