A Bridge

It happened.

I’ve been forced into blogging.

And fair enough, if you want to get your ideas across, without censorship and to as wide an audience as possible without some editor peering over your shoulder saying “I don’t like that angle”, then blogging is the best answer.

But for that freedom of speech to be worthwhile, you have to have something original or important to say. Otherwise it’s just an exercise in narcissism. Are you in a war zone, do you have first hand knowledge of an important event, have you made a fantastic discovery – great. Blog about it, get it out there.

But if you’re just another student, wet behind the ears, who’s seen nothing of the world and has a much less qualified opinion than any of the other punters out there, who cares? By all means, write on, but to expect someone to care about your distinctly average point of view, well, that’s just trying to pump your own ego.

So here I go. Ego-inflating. Or maybe building a platform and an audience for when I actually have something important to say.



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